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What’s in it for you?

RSPNDR’s on-demand guard service makes sure your customers get fast and high-quality response service when it’s really needed.

The first customer benefit

A Better Customer Experience

Stop worrying if and when a guard will respond to an alarm. RSPNDR ensures that guards respond dramatically faster than industry standards, within less than 30 minutes, on average. Happier customers keep revenue flowing and reduces churn.

The second customer benefit

Generate More

The RSPNDR guard network is a cost-effective and value-added service to customers who want fast response times. Drive higher revenue by including RSPNDR as part of a monthly package to new customers and an add-on to existing clients.

The third customer benefit


With RSPNDR, guards are paid directly. Say goodbye to time-consuming and frustrating reconciliation. We provide total transparency and digital reports about guard activity to address alarm response and billing questions from customers.
By paying a low monthly fee, customers receive two free responses a year.